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Apr 6, 2010


The first triathlon of the season is always the hardest - having to get transitions figured out ect. The worst part is the darn wetsuit. I went to 24 hour fitness yesterday and did a few run-throughs with the wetsuit. Entertaining for everyone else there, but really...

A few notes learned from running around. I need to practice a few more times before Xterra. Get the flow of getting out of the wetsuit - espcially over the hips. It's a little tight there. All the bouldering I've been doing with Nick should help with getting the wetsuit on - building finger strength! Take time and plan through everything. My second run-through was much smoother then the first in terms of getting unzipped, cap and goggles off and getting out of the suit.

Swimming with the wetsuit on felt so weird. My legs and feet were floating so high - I felt like I was on top of the water, not in the water. Things are a little different in open water then in a pool, I will have a few practice sessions once I get to Vegas. It's getting close, so it's time to start tying down the non-physical training areas of triathlons.

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