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Apr 24, 2010

Future of the Sport

I decided a fun, low stress way to spend my Saturday would be to help with the Kids Triathlon Frank was hosting. He had about 65 kids between 6-12 for a short, no pressure race. I helped a little with body marking in the morning and those kids were hillarious. It's really cute when a little girl is proud she gets a 7 written on her leg this year. "I'm a big girl now!!" After that, I was timing - I had a stop watch with me. Like I said - no pressure, no stress race. The race briefing was adorable - Frank went through the distances for the long and short race, then quizzed the kids on helmets, chinstraps, bib numbers, ect. After that, it was time for the big kids to start the longer race. I don't remember the distances for the two races, but it wasn't far. Enough to be a good challenge for the kids. High tech start - Frank yelled go and everyone started swimming. Ten minutes later, the little kids started. One swam with a kick board! After that, it was time for the bikes. Everything from little Specialized and Trek road bikes to tiny bikes with tassels on the handlebars to BMX bikes. A few parents rode the course with their kids - seeing the big bikes was funny next to all the little tiny kids bikes. After the bike, the kids set out for the run. Some had number belt, some had bibs pinned to their shirts, all looked like they were having a blast. And that's how it should be at that age - keep it fun!

Frank did a little awards ceremony after the race - recognizing the overall boy and girl in each race and then the top three in each age group. Everyone else recived very nice finishers medals. I know - one of the kids gave me his! I was happy I decided to volunteer with the race instead of just sitting around the hotel room. Seeing all those kids out swimming, biking, running and having a great time doing it was a good reminder in why we all particpate in triathlons.

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