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Apr 18, 2010

Sneak Attack on Captain Jacks!

It's been a busy few days - haven't gotten to the blog like I should have. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been crazy! Nick and I decided to make my last ride before I head out to Vegas a hard Buckhorn-Jacks loop. We rode easy up to the Stratton parking lot, then turned it on when we hit the dirt (at least he did - I was too busy trying to keep up!) Made good time meading up thru Stratton. I was hoping for a little break once we hit Gold Camp, but no rest for the weary. Even on his single speed, Nick was able to make me suffer on the road. At the entrance to Buckhorn, Nick took off. Riding a single speed, he wanted to climb at his own pace. I settled into a groove behind him, focusing of good cadance, even power and trying to clean all the switchback. Success at last! I made it all the way up without ever having to unclip! No time to celebrate as Nick was moving again. At least on the down hills, I was able to keep up a little better. We dropped into the Capt' Jacks parking lot and continued down the single track. The trail was in great shape - tight and fast. I made all the way up the hill in the middle of Jacks - first time I'd managed to get over all the waterbars and rocks. Nick waited at the top, then we took off again.

Just after the hill, we saw two ladies hiking up the trail. Nick and I both slowed down as they stepped off. Nick rode by and one said something about a dog. Fourty feet down the trail and running towards the two ladies was a small black border collie. It nipped at Nick as he passed. I sped up a little, not trusting the dog. Good thing I did, because as I passed, I felt a tug and sharp pressure on my leg. Luckly, the dog had gotten mostly knee warmers, and hadn't been able to take a chunk out. But that made for an unpleasant rest of the day. We had to call the Humane Society and report the incident, wait for an officer to come, ect ect ect. I didn't do my run and spent the rest of the day worried about the lovely bruise that was forming. Darn dogs - or should I say darn people for not training their dogs?

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