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Apr 20, 2010

Travel Trials

This was the best example of why I don't like traveling close to a race date. I was supposed to leave Colorado Springs at 9:20 in the evening and land in Las Vegas at 10:20. Perfect - Mom would pick me up and I would get a good night's sleep.

Supposed to happened more like this: Checked in at 8:00 - not to worried because there are every few flights out of COS at that time. The lady at the ticket counter said "we're delayed - we don't know how long. The plane has not yet left Las Vegas" Yeah, the plane that I was taking to Vegas had to fly from Vegas still - so at least a two hour delay. Everyone seemed to handle it okay - it was a very chatty group of passengers. Then the agent comes down to the gate - with cop in tow (you know it's bad when there is a cop along) and announces that it will be a long time - they needed to fly a plane from Wichita, KS to Las Vegas, board the passengers waiting in Las Vegas, fly to COS, then turn around and fly back to Vegas! That riled up a few people for sure!

Long story short, I didn't land in Las Vegas until close to 1:30 in the morning - way past my bed time! But as the flight attendents said - Vegas was still open for business!

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