Snowy day

The promised storm seems to be moving in. It's only 23 degrees out, and the wind is blowing. So far, the snow is not sticking to the roads, but there's a good coating on the grass and the rooftops. It will get icy tonight, I'm sure. Hopefully, we won't get a heavy accumulation of snow. I'm not ready to move inside for all my workouts yet.

I'm very happy that I was able to do my workout at CTS today, instead of down in the garage. I got a good session in on the Computrainer, and really felt good riding. I was able to hit and hold the targeted watts and HR. Things are definitely coming along. I'm getting ansy for Silverman now - it's the last race of the year.

Now I'm home, sitting at my computer working on my last class project for my DPT. It's the perfect day to knock this darn paper out. I've got a cup of Christopher Bean's Pumpkin Spice coffee to keep me warm. I really like this flavor - it's mild, but the spice notes are right there. Give it a try if you like the Starbucks Pumpkin lattes.


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