Road Turtle Test Run

Last weekend, Nick and I headed down to Lake Pueblo State Park for a test run of the camper. We had a big weekend of training planned, with riding and running every day. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with our plans! We got out of Colorado Springs just before the nasty sleet moved in and motored down to Pueblo at our stately 55mph. At least the semis weren't flying past! Everyone else was... But that's why it the Road Turtle!

After a quick grocery stop, we got the campground and hooked into the electricity. There was no live water, but with the weather like it was, we didn't want to take a chance with filling up the tanks and having things freeze. Besides, there will be no live water down in Old Pueblo's 24 Hour Town, either. We got things unpacked and fussed around for a while. The biggest issue was that Nick could not get the furnace to put out hot air. It was a good thing that we bought a little heater fan at Target. Other wise, that would have been one cold weekend. The little heater worked just enough to keep it nice in the camper. Everything else seemed to work, although there were some glitches with the lights going back onto battery power after we disconnected from the outside electricity. The little stove worked great - I was frying up potatoes like a pro and Nick cooked a decent steak for supper. It's so small that only one person can work in the kitchen at a time.

As for workouts, we bundled up and rode for 1.75 hours on Saturday on the trails and 2.5 hours on Sunday on the roads. Not what we'd planned, but sounds like more then most people in the Springs managed. And when I say bundled, we were bundled - Gore Jacket, Craft windblocker, heavy jersey, Gioradona jacked, Asso winter bibs, knee warmers, tights and bibs. And I was not over dressed! The weather cleared a little Monday, so we went for an easy run on the trails.

Overall, the Road Turtle worked well. It needs some love and attention to run smoothly. The biggest issue will be getting a new furnace or fixing the one we have. That's the most important thing to do before Old Pueblo.


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