Fall Foliage in New England

In Concord, NH, getting ready to head up to Bristol for the New Hampshire Marathon. If the weather cooperates, it promises to be a really pretty race. The leaves are just starting to turn and the colors are awesome. We make a big deal of the aspens changing in Colorado, but it's nothing compared to out here. There's so much more then just the aspen gold, with oranges, reds and yellows all mixed in with the green. Haven't gotten any pictures yet, will try to get the camera out later.

On a different note, I tried somthing new on my last ride. I normally mix a MotorTab with a few just plain GUs. It's a good mix of electrolytes and calories and is easy on my stomach. There is also very little flavor - just the flavor of the MotorTab. This time, I uses the strawberry bannana GU with an orange MotorTab. It was really good - like a fruit smoothie. Definitly something to keep in mind for races and training in the future.


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