Blister fixes and crazy marathoners

I'm lucky that Bristol, NH has a Rite Aide. Otherwise, finding the things I needed to doctor my blister for the Maine Marathon would have been challenging. After the New Hampshire marathon, I cleaned my heel as best as I could, then covered it with a paper towel and duct tape. It was all that I had availible at the time! Once we got to Rite Aide, I spent nearly $30.00 on stuff. Neosporin, 2x2 gauze, large water proof bandaides, tegaderm, and finally athletic tape. I was set. With that I would be able to cover and protect my heel enough to get through the second marathon.

We got to the University of Southern Maine just in time to get our race numbers for the marathon. After that, the 50 States Club was having a reunion, so we decided to hang out with the group for while. It was fun. They had a speaker and a short skit, then handed out awards for the most recent finishers. There was one gentleman who had just finished his 8th trip around the states. That's over 400 marathons! I might be crazy, but I'm not that crazy. I also won a hat from the race - they were giving out prizes and one of the catagories was for the youngest first marathon. I had that hands down, thanks to doing the Equinox marathon when I was 14.

After the reunion, it was time to find some food, the hotel and the grocery store. There was still a little food left from the pasta dinner and the volunteers let us eat there. I think we were the last runners in the building! The hotel was easy to find, as was the grocery store. I did get a small bottle of wine - Maine wine. It was Blueberry Port from Blacksmith Winery. It was also really good. After a glass and soaking in the ice cold bath tub, it was time for bed.


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