Back to Work

I started my new job today - spent the day following the other PT around so I knew how things were done in the hospital. I almost felt like a new grad again! I think it will be a good change from what I was doing before - challenging my skills a little. The whole clinical team - nurses, respiratory and therapy seems to work really well together. Everyone was very helpful today.

The good thing about this is I'm still going to be working and maintaining my PT skills, but I'm per deim, so I'm not expected to work 40 hours. I'll be covering Mondays and other vacations. Enough hours that I can pay my bills, but not enough that I'm compromising my training. That's what I want right now. I also want the ability to return to PT full time if things don't work out with triathlons.

I haven't had to get up really early in 6 weeks. It was so pretty this morning, with the sunrise and the snow on the mountains. The clouds were tinged with gold and pink when I drove to the hospital and the mountains were glowing. With the wind on top of Pikes Peak, there seemed to be a halo of light bathing the mountains. Okay - I'm getting too poetic - time to go to bed


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