Our version of NASCAR - Track Racing

(This was supposed to get posted on Thursday - got a little behind)

This was a fun way to spend the night. One of Nick's friends races the track on Thursday nights and we went down to watch the races. I forgot how fun watching track cycling was. The madison races are espcially interesting. It's how relays are done on the track. Both riders on the team are on the track at the same time, but only one is activly racing. To make an exchange, the rider not racing gets up some speed and drops down next the racing rider. The racing rider grabs his teammates hand and slings him forward. Teams that practice make the exchange look so easy. Other teams....

After the races, we all went to Blue Star and had a late supper. Nick got to try a few different beers, none of which I really liked. They did have an extensive wine list, but most of the bottles we couldn't afford. The food was also really good.


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