Time for a change

I will get a report on the Fall Classic Stage Race up soon. It's been a crazy week and a lot of things have happened. Everything happens for a reason - thats what everyone says. I found myself without a job the day we left for the Fall Classic. A "personality issue" and the NHA didn't want me to back. After over two years in that building, including working as program manger, that was it. I told a nurse that I could not help him and it became "I snapped and was rude, yelling at him." I know that's not what happened and so does everyone else who was in the gym.
The good news is now I have the time I've wanted to train. Nick and I spent many hours over the weekend talking about it. I think we are going to try this - me actually training full time. If I don't see a jump in results, then back to work.


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