Heading out to Ogden

As soon as my class (Health Care Promotion for my DPT) gets out, I'm hopping in the car and heading out to Utah for Xterra USA Championships. Not the best set up for a good race, sitting in the car for seven hours the day before the event, but that's what has to happen. The good news is that these last two days of class have been very interesting (and relevant to coaching, ect). It's not info that I would have wanted to skip just to get to the race a little earlier. The timing with packet pick-up will be the biggest issue. I have to get my bike and everything ready at race site, instead of being able to relax and take it easy race morning. The two transition set up (with a long distance between) will also make the morning a little more stressful.

I've been on the course three years ago and did okay. Fell of my bike a few times then, but I've gotten a lot better since then. I'm looking forward to riding the course again and seeing how I've improved in the last three years.

Good luck to everyone else in the Pikes Peak Triathlon Club who is racing this weekend.


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