Time for the rematch!

For the last four years, Nick and I have been taking a winter pilgrimage to sunny Arizona for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Each year, we've done better and gotten more dialed at the insanity of duo 24 hour racing. The first year - 2009 - we surprised ourselves and placed 4th, finishing 16 laps. Nick and I each did eight laps that year. In 2010, we moved up one more step to third with 18 laps. Nick did 10 laps and I did 8 laps. 2011 took us to second, knocking out 18 laps again under some pretty challenging conditions, with each of us riding 9 laps. Heading into 2012, we were hoping to finally get the top step, but facing a killer duo of Rebecca Rusch and Nate Ross, it was another second. But with a solid 19 laps under our tires, we were happy with that second. So what will 2013 bring?

For the first time, we get to face the exact same team in the battle of the Co-Ed duos. Previously, the winning team was different each year. Not this time. The King and Queen of Pain (Nate and Rebecca are coming back to the desert with one goal in mind. Defend the Co-Ed Duo crown from last year. With Nate lapping me on the sunrise lap last year, I'm not sure it was much of a race after the first few hours last year. Maybe this year it will be a real race - a true rematch in the desert. Nick's fitter and fast faster then last year. I've made some good gains as well and we have more experience with the 24 hour races. Can we keep the gaps close and make Rebecca and Nate ride the entire 24 hours this time? That is the goal. And since 24 hours is a long time, anything can happen. As usual, we will race to the plan and stay focused on ourselves. And may the best team win this rematch!


  1. Congrats on another great ride you two.

    Brian in Cheyenne

    1. Thanks Brian - I wrote this before we left, when riding our bikes seemed to be the only worry. Who knew! It was a great race.


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