2013 24 Hrs in the OP

Another year, another fun time in the desert. This was a great race this year - a nail biter till the end. The King and Queen of pain defended their title again, finishing 20 laps about 12:17. It was a close race for second with several lead changes through out the day - at one point only 2 seconds separated second and third! Nick and I battled back from a flat tire to clime second -also completing 20 laps at 1:02. Once again the bridesmaids (third year in a row!) Beth and Kevin Utley made us work - the final gap was only two minutes after 24 (25 really) hours of racing. They came in at 1.04 with 20 laps. Like I said - some really fast racing this year in the Co-Ed Duo. The top three teams all did 20 laps, with 4th and 5th doing 19 and 18 laps. The level of racing has risen so much in the last five years. The first year Nick and I did this race - we got fourth. The number of laps we did then would only have placed us 8th this year! It's awesome to see the growth.

I will get a full race report plus some back dated posted from the adventure up in the next days. And an adventure it's been!


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