Panic, er Rest Time

Ack! It's that time again. After two months of hard workouts on the bike with a few well needed rest days, the expected happened. I couldn't finish the scheduled workout. I had all the best intentions when I started the workout, but knew how fatigued I was on the weekend rides. I'd already dicussed matters with Coach Adam so was prepared to call it early. It's just disheartening when I start a workout knowing I might not finish. The first set went well - numbers where I wanted them to be. Then the second set. And while it started well, things went down hill in a hurry and I knew I was done. Ugh. I felt like I had done twice as much as I had and was sorely disappointed. I wanted to end the training cycle on a good note.

I've only called workouts a few times in the past so I'm really not worried. Now is the time where less is more and resting means getting sharper and giddy to ride. It's just the mental uncertainty for the rest of the season. If I'm suffering this much with this workload, how will I handle getting ready for the other big races I have planned? I know I shouldn't worry - but its hard to banish the demons. Each time we push the boundries of my workout load,I learn a little more. I've tolerated a lot these last few months and with some really good numbers too. Getting stronger means testing the limits both physically and mentally. Knowing when to rest is also just as important as the physical stress and being okay with resting is where the mental strenght comes in.


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