Dreaming of a Trouble Free Turtle.

A home on wheels is good if it actually goes some where. It seems that every time we think about getting away the Turtle acts up! I love the cozy bed, warm furnace and fresh meals everyday but Nick having to crawl under there every other hour gets a little tiring. It's a charming beast and gets plenty of compliments (?) every where we camp. "Its so cute!" "How old is that thing?" Things like that. And no one cane mistake our camper for another team at a 24 hour race. Yes, the Turtle is great and we've been super lucky with it so far. But....

We're thinking its time for an upgrade. Something we would have done already if not for the slight issue of money. It takes a bunch of that stuff to get into a really nice setup. And that's something we just don't have right now. Every trip, we sit steaming in the cab, talking about what we want to upgrade to. A nicer, newer Class C that actually runs well and isn't older then us? Or maybe a trailer or fifth wheel with a pickup. There are pros and cons to both styles of camping and we have discussed them all. Its all about the same cost - more then what we have, but it hasn't stopped us from dreaming. One of these days, a weekend getaway will not involve Nick crawling under the camper and getting all grimy!


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