Its the purpose of training - overload the system right to the limit, then take a recovery to develop speed and endurance. Well, I think Coach Adam and I did a really good job of pushing right to the limit over January. And it's been a blast. I love the hard work, testing the limits of what I can tolerate. Over five weeks, only one recovery week and few completely off days lead to my pulling the plug on the final scheduled workouts of the week. I'd been pushing on the bike, dealing with a slight issues in my calf while running and getting in the water about three times a week. Sleep was good - trying to go to bed early and then sleeping in as much as the kittens would let me. (Sasha likes snuggling in the morning and her purr is loud) But I was still starting to feel that deep seated fatigue from the cumulative stresses. So when I got started on my workout Saturday morning, I was mental motivated to turn out another strong interval set. My body on the other hand was not as motivated. The fact that I wanted to go back to sleep after swimming was a major clue to just how tired I was. When I got on the bike and started the intervals, the numbers were pathetic. Not even close to what I was looking for. I knew that it wasn't worth the stress to try and finish. So I pulled the plug and went back to bed. Texted Adam, pretty much whining about the lousy workout and how tired I was. His response was classic "yeah, I didn't expect you to finish that workout!" Perfect! And now it's time for a good recovery and taper week! All the overload of the last few weeks will soon be put to good use at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo....


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