2012 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - short story

The fabulous weather brought some fast teams to the desert for the Kona 24 hours in the Old Pueblo. Nick and I showed up with an ambitious goal of 19 laps, one more the our prior best performance on the fast single track. We were also hoping to take the top step on the podium after getting closer every year. But racing against the King and Queen of Pain - Nat Ross and Rebecca Rusch - was a challenge we had not anticipated! We hung tough, but were in second right from the gun. And the gap kept getting pried wider, with Nat finally lapping me on our 14th lap. In the end, it was the King and Queen of Pain reigning supreme, finishing 19 laps at 12:00:10. Nick and I - the 2:00 AM Demons took second again, with 19 laps at 12:23:39. Third place went to Noxid Knar R. R. with Jeffery Rank and Marlee Dixon turning 17 laps by 12:10:20.

Full race report coming later! Many thanks to KOA Dave for securing the awesome campsite and providing the Turtle with power through the night. It was a great group to camp with and made the weekend much smoother.


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