A not so sour Lemmon Drop

After a much needed rest day and a really easy ride around Fantasy Island with my mother, it was time to find some more fun singletrack. Nick and I met up with fellow Coloradoans Jamie and Sam B (Jamie had also raced at 24 HOP in the Woman's duo class and Sam had run support for her and her partner) and staked a claim in the Molino Basin campground. With wheels turning by 1:00, we pointed the bikes up the hill. The goal? About half the "Lemmon Drop" from the top of Green Mountain, down to Bug Springs, then back down into camp to hang out and tell tales. The sun was shining and no evidence of the snow from last week lingered on the lower slopes.

After a brief but tricky climb from Molino up the AZT to Prison Camp, it was onto the road. And up for the long haul. Nick and Sam took off, climbing at their pace. JAmie and I just shook our heads and said "they can wait." Gears dialed for an easy spin, we proceeded up mountain. There wasn't much traffic out at that time of day and only a few road bikes. We started the road climb about mile six on the highway - and kept climbing. Past the Bug Springs trail head, with the road looming ever higher on the rock walls above us. The boys were waiting at an overlook, but then took off again. And we continued climbing. The views were awesome, Mountains and canyons and desert just streching off into the distance. Finally, after a solid two hours of climbing, we reached the upper Green Mountain trailhead. Time for a snack and for the fun to begin. We took some time to study a map and headed off into the woods from some single track fun.

Another short little climb, then a snowcovered trail for the start of the descent - the storm last week had left plenty of snow that high on the mountain. I tried riding, but made the mistake of looking at a rock with a very long drop-off on the other side and slid into the cold stuff. Off the bike and walking for a while. A few really tight switchbacks that the boys tried to ride, then a long traverse across the snow covered mountain face. It was a tight trail with big consequences and I was more then happy to walk my bike through most of that section. The parts we were riding were fun, rocky and techy. Finally, after another long hike-a-bike section and some more snow, we were onto the main descent. The boys were gone in a flash and Jamie and I took our time through the steep descents and narrow trails. My legs were getting sliced to bits by the friendly vegitation. A few tight corners, then onto the waterbar filled switchbacks. I was in rare form, holding a nice conversation with myself as I descended. I made most of the switchbacks, had a few emergancy dismounts and some inelegant saves from close encounters with rocks. But just another awesome trail with some real fun sections and some real scary sections.

After Green Mountain, it was a short blast down the road to Bug Springs. Without the snow, the hike a bike in the beginning was pretty easy. Still tireing, but much easier then the slipping and sliding we'd done last week. At the top, with dry trails, it was super fun. Down a few steep sections that I actually rode this time, a few more climbs, then the flowy, fast and sweet section along the creek bed. Jamie and I didn't see the guys once - they were way out in front, probably just having a blast. I know I was! One more short push section and time for serious descending and serious fun. The trail was a little looser then our last trip, but just as much fun. With the setting sun in our eyes, we blasted down the single track, through the Prison Camp, and back to the campers. Everyone was grinning from ear to ear with enthusiasm and trail giddiness. Then time for dinner and chilling around the lanter, watching for shooting stars.


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