Have Turtle, will Travel!

As usual, when February rolls around, it's time to load up the Turtle and head south. We're as bad as the RVers who travel from state to state in search of good weather, sunshine and friendly faces! We've pushed up the moving date every year, keeping a close eye on the weather as we make our plans. This year was no different - Nick gradually loaded up all the gear for the 24 hour race into the turtle through the week, with plans to leave when the weather was the best. I got the text Friday at work with the weather update and it's time to hit the road when I get home. It was perfect weather when we left, but that changed quickly oer the night. I'm not sure the Turtle would have gotten out of COS with the weather that moved in Saturday morning early.

This was the easiest drive south we've ever had. Thanks to leaving early, we just drove. No traffic through ABQ and we were able to cruse at 55 the whole way. Night driving in the Turtle is super easy - there's hardly anyone on the road and usually no wind. We stopped in a rest stop just south of Albuquerque to sleep for a few hours, then back on the road. And the Turtle ran smooth, very smooth. We stopped a few times to stretch our legs, but mostly drove. Nick was hell bent for sunshine and open singletrack trails. Finally, 22 hours after we left Colorado Springs, it was time to ride! A quick lap around Fantasy Island to shake off the cobwebs from sitting. I was uber stiff - everywere - from the long drive. We did everything but Bunny Trail - just enjoying being able to ride without bundling up. Already getting the tan lines going! After the ride it was off to find the campground we're gonna call home home for a few days. We were meeting up with Nick's mom at a horse campground on the north west side of Tucson. A few days of hanging out, riding and just chilling, coming right up...


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