2012 schedule confirmed

This time it is official. I've gotten the 2012 schedule updated on the schedule page. As I indicated prior, I'm moving on from the Xterra series. While I still plan on doing a few local Xterras, I will not be traveling across the country with the tribe. It's been a fun few years with lots of learning and growth as an athlete. I've also gotten to meet some really cool people and enjoyed the hospitality of the local communities. It's been a great was to get to know some new trails and some new areas of the country. I still love the swim bike run and the lifestyle of the Xterra Tribe, but it's time for something different. So it's only three Xterras this year, all points races and no championship events. Looking for the fun factor with those races, not the stress of travel and focus on performance.
   Xterra Curt Gowdy - June 24
   Xterra Lory - August 28
   Xterra Pueblo - September 9

More 24 hour races - working on improving my last six hours of racing. I've had fairly signifigant implosions during the last two races, loosing some huge chunks of time. That's going to be the biggest issue for my coach and I too work on before the end of September. And the only way to improve is to race more.
   24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - Feb 18/19
   24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest - June 16/17
   24 Hours in the Sage - August 18/19
   24 Hours of Colorado Springs - Sept 28/29

And the other big change for this year will be racing the endurance mountain bike scene here in Colorado. Trying to recover from the travel and windshield time over the last three years, so while there are plenty of races that sound like fun, I'm staying local this year. The Rocky Mountain Endurance Series will be my primary focus for the season. With four 60+ mile races and the Breck 100, it's gonna be a long few days in the saddle. Looking forward to the races and this new challenge for sure. A little intimidated by the thought of racing 100 miles on the MTB, but it's gonna be a lot of fun!
   Voodoo Fire - April 21
   Ridgeline Rampage - May 5
   Battle the Bear - May 19
   Breck 100 - July 14
  PV Cycle Derby - August 5

I'm sure there will be other races added to schedule as the season progress, so keep checking back for updates, race reports and photos.!


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