Cute Kitten Photos

Okay, enough with the blah blah about racing and training. Time for some cute kitten photos of Miss Sasha and George! They are five months old now and are getting huge. And their personalities are really coming out. It's funny, at first we thought Sasha would be the bossy, head of the household cat. She was very commanding when we first brought them home. But now, she's quiet and a little shy around strangers. Snuggly on her terms, which seem to always be while I'm trying to sleep and she wants to curl up right on my shoulder or neck. As for George.... She's a little monster! She's into everything, needs to explore every box and shopping bag we bring home. She's bold and bossy and not afraid to stand up to DumDum. She'll curl up next to you and pass out, purring like a freight train. And one of these days, the red bug will sit still long enough for her to catch it! DumDum is starting to play with them more, and playing on his own a little more as well. Since they are still supposed to eat kitten food, we've kept his food bowl on the banister. That hasn't helped - I can't get the kittens to always eat the easy to get at kitten food  - it's so much more fun to jump onto the railing! It's all fair - DumDum thinks hes getting away with something when he sneaks into the bathroom to eat their food!

She's getting big, but still thinks she's a shoulder kitten.

George helping me with the photos on my computer. She's really good at helping! And now she covers the whole key board...

I was mixing up some new food for DumDum and Sasha decided she wanted a snack - this is what a food bowl should look like!
Snuggling after a hard play session - during which they'd flipped the cat bed over, sent the pad flying somewhere and played peekaboo with Sasha under the cat bed
Sasha snoozing - all the camera click got was a twitch of the ear.
Sasha playing with a little grey stuffed cat that I had as a kid. And yes, I'd named the stuffed cat "Sasha!"


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