When life gives you lemons

Everyone one always says "Make lemonade." Well, the advice is good, but it's really hard to do. I will be taking a few weeks unscheduled down time, with no swimming, no running, indoor cycling only and not even working for at least a week. The hope is that I will be cleared to swim and mountain bike before the Xterra West Championships, but the doctors are not used to dealing with someone of my age. It was very hard to nail him down to a specific return to activity schedule at my appointment yesterday - probably because he was more concerned about saving my vision.

I will be having surgery on my left eye to repair a small retinal detachment and tear later today. It's all related to the cataract surgery I had back in 2005 - retinal tearing is one of the risks. The issue is, without immediate intervention (the doc was concerned that he could not do the surgery yesterday after the appointment) the tear and detachment can get larger and will eventually lead to blindness in that eye. Given the choice... And because it is such a big deal, the restrictions for the first week are huge - no extensive reading, no computer, nothing that would cause jarring, no driving. Nothing that would cause rapid eye movements that could potential re-tear the retina. Only really mild, easy indoor riding, walking and elliptical trainer. I can't even change elevations for the first week, at least! After the first week, I will know more about when I can get back in the water and on the mountain bike. It will all depend on how well things heal in the that first week. So I need to behave and not rush - that's the only option.

The only consolation from having to take this down time now, is the training I was doing prior was really strong. I was hitting both the cycling and the running workouts much better then last year, with increased power and speed. I've worked very hard getting to this point and was feeling good about my chances at the first two Xterras. As long as I keep active, I won't lose too much of that. The other good news is that it happened here - not somewhere between Las Vegas and Waco!


  1. Sending some healing vibes your way. Will be thinking of you. Take it easy, I know that will be the difficult part for you!

  2. Being back in Virginia with a family facing daily medical challenges regarding both of their children you have my great empathy and wishes for excellent medical care with the best possible outcome. We never know, but still we must exercise our faith and hope, eh?


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