Taking it easy

Or at least I have been trying to take it easy. It's been hard - physically I want to get out and ride or run. But I can't - not yet. There is still a gas bubble in my eye and the my vision starts getting a little fuzzy when I've been doing too much. The sun light and bright lights at some stores are really hard on my eyes right now and I've been wearing my sunglasses inside a lot. Although I've been cleared to drive and such, it's more stressful then I would like - driving to CTS has been about the limit of my driving! I know things will get better, but right now I'm wondering how I am going to survive at Xterra West Championships. After doing much of anything, all I want to do is lay down and take a nap.

Swim - I started using the Vasa Trainer at CTS on Friday and have done two short sessions. It's harder then it looks and a lot harder then getting in the water. But it's a good swim simulator and better then doing nothing to prepare for the swim.

Bike - I've done two rides since cleared by the doctor. One really easy ride and one harder - a little too hard. It felt really good to just ride, even though it was inside. But after the ride, my eye wasn't happy - vision just foggy and with a bad headache. A little scary at times, given everything I've gone through. I really need to keep an eye on things while riding and make sure easy = easy.

Run - Well, I'm not allowed to run yet. So I've been walking. Two walks, one super easy, one brisker. Walking feels good, getting out and getting some fresh air. I'll be honest - it's tempting to run, but I know I can't yet. A few more weeks...

But that's the update for now - things are getting better slowly. I need to behave, take it easy for a few more weeks and then see how I feel on April 10.


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