Getting Dirty - or tuck and roll


Yesterday's ride was really blah - I made a bad choice with ride location. Instead of taking the invitation to ride a Falcon with one of the CTS coaches, or listening to Nick and riding in Red Rocks, I decided that we'd go to CMSP. Well, it was soft in some places, snowy in others and just plain muddy. We rode up Talon in soft trails, did North and South in lots of snow and mud, then came down Sundance in super deep mud. At that point, the bikes were a disaster and we were both grumpy with the ride. So we didn't try any of the other trails in the park. Headed home and sulked for a little, then went to the climbing gym for some bouldering.

Today was a much better ride - we had just a little mud and a fun ride. We rode through Bear Creek, meandered around in Red Rocks for a little, then met the gang at ProCycling. Time for more fun and rocks in Red Rocks! Made it most of the way on the Hog's Back trail, tried one rock a few times, finally cleaning it on the third try. Then down to Intamen trail and back into Red Rocks. That's were I got the dirtiest! First, sliding out in the mud on one of the steepest hills. Then, following Dave down, I got to demonstrate my tuck and roll skills. I made it though the rock obstacle and was feeling pretty good as we met up with two hikers and their dog. After saying thanks, Dave maneuvered around an off camber waterbar in the middle of a switchback. His rear tire slid off the waterbar, but he was able to hold it. I decided to try riding around the waterbar. Yeah, that wasn't such a smart idea. Lost my balance, almost corrected, then my left foot popped out. That was the final straw - a few more attempts to correct, then I bailed. Went flying from the bike and tucked into a nice roll. Rolled twice and was back on my feet. I must say, an Osprey Pack with a few clothes makes a great crash pad! And of course, I had quite the audience for my crash - but Dave only gave me a 6/10!

No harm done, just a little dusty. We finished the ride, laughing about my landing skills. If only my mountain biking skills were as good as my crashing skills! Back home and out for my run. All in all a good day!


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