View from the couch

Since I normally do a "notes from the road" about my travels, I figured I would do something similar for my involuntary couch time. Because of the movement, activity and posture restrictions from the retina re-attachment surgery, I had plenty of time getting just sitting and thinking. Some of those thoughts...

I'm not that happy - my face is still numb
 *With an eye patch, getting ready to take a shower is a process. Saran wrap, tape, more tape...

*There are only so many ways to sit on the couch with your head in an upright position. I was getting sore from sitting...

*The news in the morning is the news in the afternoon and the news from prior day. Same reporters, same pictures.

*There are lots of commercials, and little news, especially as the day wears on. (Four hours of the Today Show? Really)

*What do athletes use for get-well flowers? An old water bottle.

Flowers from work, waterbottle from CTS!
 *Cats do exactly what you think they do all day - sleep. Somedays, I don't think they even moved all day!

*For all the day time court shows, someone needs to teach the women how to dress. Guys can look good with a tie and a cheap shirt. The girls always look like tramps when they try to dress nice.

*There are lots of injury law firm commercials during day time television - I guess they think that all people sitting at home have been in car accidents, workers comp, ect.

*There are also a lot of the for-profit college commercials - Do they think everyone sitting at home is there because they don't have the "right" degree?

*And the final commercials are for the kids dentists - didn't know there was such a market for kids dentists.

*The text to speech feature on my Kindle is awesome. I could listen to my paper, my books, anything. And since I still have the air bubble in my eye, I'll still be using it for a while.

My new fashion statement for a few more days

But my couch time is over - I can start doing things again. Looking forward to being able to move around again!


  1. Oh MAN! Get well soon!! Movies? Puzzles? Anything to entertain?


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