Moving forward

One more milestone in recovery - the gas bubble that was used to help keep the repaired tear in place has completely dissipated from my eye. It's a welcome relief - trying to see around the air bubble was giving me a headache at best and some vertigo issues at worse. It was kinda fun, watching the size of the bubble diminish throughout the day, from a line across my vision to a small round dot that bounced around when ever I moved my head. I can still see my heart beat in my eye and get some passing fuzziness in my vision, especially after riding. But with the visual reminder gone, it will be even more important to stay focused on recovery. Now is not the time to start getting rambunctious. Xterra West Championships will be fine - I'm not going to lose anything at this point since I'm "swimming" on the vasa, riding and powerwalking. Maybe sometime next week will be the time to get back in the water and running.

It's actually been a pretty useful down week. I can't go back to work until next week, so I've been getting some of the painting done in the basement. It's almost taking longer to tape the rooms in preparation to paint then it has been to paint! But it's keeping me busy and making sure I behave.


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