Long Days in the Car

Well, I'm on my way to Alabama for the third stop on the Xterra America Tour. This is the South East Championships, in Oak Mountain Stat Park outside Pelham. It's one of the established races on the tour, but this is my first trip out there. It's longer drive, which I am not looking forward to, but the cost of flying was crazy. And that was just my ticket! Add in the cost for my bike and driving was more ecinomical. I can also bring more stuff and both bikes. It's just going to be long few days. I'm hoping this race goes better then Waco. My training has been pretty good in the last two weeks, but the sudden jump to summer has been a bit stressful. Great heat training - but no humidity - not the best for sleeping. I was feeling a lot better on the bike by the end of last week. My back seems to be doing better, not hurting like it was. I've gotten some good swim sets in and a few good trail runs. It is hard with the races this close to really train. But that is something I will have to get used to. It's a part of the lifestyle and of racing the tour.


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