More Random travel thoughts

After another 1400 miles (went through Tulsa on the way home) stuck in a car, I have a few more random travel tidbits. I'm also very happy I don't have to drive more then 150 miles for a race for a long time!

*Is a Smart Car still smart when it's pulling a trailer? Honest - I saw this on I-40 in eastern OK!
*Do the big 40' RVs come in paint jobs besides brown, green and silver swirls? Saw a few variations, but it seemed that the same designer did all the paint patterns.
*Speaking of RVs, why do so many pull Jeeps? Patriot, Liberity, and a whole lot of Wrangers. Is the crowd driving the RVs really going to go off roading?
*For all you budget consious folks, how about Father's Day Brunch - All you can eat at one of the Flying J Truck Stops in Arkansas!
*How new is the "New Hotel" when the logo is at least three years old and outdated?
*Please, what is a "used office plant" and how can they go on sale?
*The "cop effect" works great - even when you're driving through KS and the car is a big SUV with SD plates!

Except for the deluge in Tulsa, it was an uneventful drive. I was lucky that I was going up to visit my dad, because I-40 through OKC was closed because of rain. Nick called me Monday, wondering where I was and told me that the highway was closed. When I hit the same band of rain in Tulsa, I knew why. There were plenty of little cars at risk for getting stalled in the flood on the streets there.


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