Random travel thoughts

Some random, sitting in the car for two many hours inspired thoughts. It was a long drive through a lot of different states and I was going a little car-crazy by the end. Getting out and wandering thru Walmart was exciting!

*Trees are good, but they make it harder to see what cheap little hotels are hiding off the interstate!
*Texas would have money for bathrooms at all the picnic areas on the side roads if the rest areas on the interstates weren't so elaborate.
*Everyone drives fast - no matter what state you're in! It's a bad sign when the truck speedlimit is 65, you're doing 75 - and getting passed.
*How many moths do the interstate travelers kill every hour? (I warned you these were random)
*Does a Prius with three bikes on the roof rack, going up Raton Pass at 80 miles an hour into a stiff headwind still get good gas mileage?
*Texas drivers are nice - they pull over into the shoulder to allow you to pass. No wonder they can't figure out how to drive in Colorado - we have no shoulders.
*Driving around a strange city with out of state plates is great - people cut you slack for acting like an idiot.
*Different roads have different trucking companies. Except for Fed-Ex, they are everywhere!
*Speaking of Fed-Ex, why do they aways drive tandem rigs and what do the different companies do? Fed Ex ground, freight, transportation LTL, Custom Critical....
*Oklahoma has a lot of famous people born there - or so the highway signs say. Garth Brooks, Troy Aikmen, Carrie Underwood...
*It doesn't matter what state - the roads are falling apart and in need of repair.
*The reason Colorado drivers are so bad is because they are all from other states!

There were more, those are just a sample of how I entertained myself for 1350 miles through CO, NM, TX, OK, AR, TN, MS, and finally AL!
Pre-ride and run tommorow - get an idea of what the course is like. I learned from Waco - brought my 70oz camelbak and more clothes for riding. I will not get dehydrated before the race this time!


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