2017 Race Results

Mountain Biking
Vapor Trail 125
Salida, CO - Sept 9
2nd Overall Women, 17:37
First women to finish four times
Race Report

Breck Epic Stage Race
Breckenridge, CO August 12-20th
Second Overall, GC Women's Duo
Second on every stage
Pennsylvania Gulch
Colorado Trail
Mount Guyot
Wheeler Pass
Gold Dust

The Original Growler
Gunnison, CO - May 29
3rd Overall Woman - 6:52:03
Clockwise Direction, with new sections of singletrack
Race Report

Leadville Winter Bike Series
Mineral Belt Mayhem
Leadville, CO - March 3rd
3rd Overall Woman

Tennessee Pass Night Jam
Leadville, CO - February 11th
3rd Overall Woman
Race Report

American Discovery Trail 10k
Colorado Springs, CO - Sept 4th
3rd Overall Woman
Race Report

Women's Distance Festival 5k
Colorado Springs, CO - May 20th
3rd Overall Woman
Race Report

Super Half Marathon
Colorado Springs, CO - February 5th
7th Overall Woman

Rescue Run 10k
Colorado Springs, CO - January 1st
4th Overall Woman
Race Report


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