Shutting the bar down

I'm sure it's something on many bucket lists - shutting the bar down. Hasn't even been on my list of things to do before I die - after all bed time is a sacred thing to me. So when Nick and I headed to Fieldhouse Brewing Co for the third annual New Years New Beers party, I figured we'd have a pint or two and then head home and go to bed. I did have a race the next morning after all! Well, with a list of beers that made even me excited and with two new ones for Nick, my first half pint quickly became a few more. Everything was just so good and there were so many cool people! We watched one, then two, then several more of the 10 new beers tap out as we hung out. Soon enough, it was midnight and Happy New Years! And then Ben was rolling the empty kegs out the door... whoops! Way past my bed time and I had a race in the morning!

Another first - showing up to the first race of the year still slightly hung over... we parked at the Stables so I could get a bit of a warm up in before the Rescue Run. That run over wasn't fun - it was a bit rough actually! I was sleepy, had a headache and really just not motivated to run. It worked though while I ran over and though I wasn't feeling 100% at the start, I was as ready as I could be.

A decent start - my goal this year is really to be intelligent with my starts. I'm not as fast as I used to be, so going out like I did back then only ends up hurting. I was comfortably in third when we started the climb up to the mesa, but was passed by one of my fellow Fieldhouse runners - Elizabeth. Her pace was a tad quicker then I felt like running, especially with my head still pounding. So I turned my attention to maintaining my 4th place. After all, fourth was one of the best places regarding points for the Brewer's Cup! As we turned onto Yucca Flats, the wind whipped into action. Yikes! I was able to hide behind some guys for a while, but the wind was persitatant. Everyone had to face it, so I just settled in and ran. This year, the course ran the normal way - counter clockwise on the top of Yucca Flats - but the first few guy most not have gotten the memo! They were going clockwise and we saw them running against traffic on the middle miles. Whoops... at least we were all running the same distance, even if the hills were a little different!

On the sharp turn, I was able to get a quick glance back. I had a long gap ahead to the third place woman and wasn't going to be able to make it up. But there were some women close behind. I had to keep the pressure on or I was going to lose my coveted fourth place. I was starting to feel a little spunkier - the late night was wearing off! Time to start picking up the pace a little! I also knew I need to make up some time and get some distance before hitting the blacktop again. Once I hit the blacktop, I would be able to hide with the 5k runners. That would give me some breathing space, but not enough if I didn't maintain the pace. Sure enough, the crowds in the 5k changed the race. It was crazy this year with the number of 5k runners! Most of them were attentive to the 10k races - more so then last year. I was able to run hard up the last big hill and then the wind again. Wow. The wind was definitely there to play with us as well! And at that point, there was no one to hide from. The turn around at Grandview came quickly - I was able to see the leading women and knew that I was well out of top three. Fourth would have to do. I was also able to see the women behind me. Still close - closer then I would have wanted, but it was all downhill from there. I knew I'd be able to hold on as long as I just kept the pressure on myself to keep running.

After the race, it was time for a few more miles - i.e. Running back to the van. There was plenty of time hanging out waiting for the awards. The Rescue Run is the perfect time to catch up with everyone - start of a new year and everyone has new goals to reach for. Everyone is excited and happy for the start of the year.

Me? After a new bucket list item that I didn't know I had - shutting the bar down!- I was able to come back to the Rescue Run with a good performance. Team Fieldhouse has a solid group this year and I'm looking forward to the rest of the year with the Brewers Cup and getting the points!


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