It's kinda funny. Back in 2006, I was doing lots of road tris and wanted a real Tri bike. Finally got one - the Cervelo P3C. And I loved that bike. It was my little rocket ship - quick, responsive and oh so fast. It was also one of the only bikes I got to test ride, which was one of the reasons I fell in love with it. I was focused on road tris at that time and did most of my riding on that bike. Then things started shifting. I began transitioning away from the road tris and more into mountain biking and Xterras. I started riding my Cervelo less and less, turning towards the other bikes in my fleet. I was also doing fewer road tris and more other events. 2008 was the last big year of road tris, with three 70.3 races and three 104.6 races. In 2009 I did only two road tris, spending most of my racing time on fat tires. In 2010, it was only one race. And 2011, the Cervelo wasn't even taken off the rack for racing. All of my events were on the mountain bike. After another year of seeing no use, I decided it was time to sell the Cervelo - let someone else get the pleasure of feeling it's speed and responsiveness to each pedal stroke. I wasn't very pushy about selling it - was still on the fence about maybe doing another road race. But I have a good road bike and if I really wanted to race a road Tri, clip on aerobars aren't that expensive. Still, no takers on the little rocket ship. It took some help, but finally, we ended up selling the Cervelo. Hopefully the new owner will love that bike as much as I did.

The funniest part of this story is the timing. At the same time the Cervelo was finally getting sold, I was test riding my new love. My Stumpjumper. The two bikes are as far apart as possible. The Cervelo was made for riding fast on smooth, straight roads. And it did just that. But I'm not looking for those smooth, straight roads anymore. Now, I'm looking for the terrain the Stumpjumper favors. Nothing smooth here - single track climbs, fast descents. Trails meandering around and through rock gardens. Tight switchbacks both up and down. Rock drops, tricky lines and all around fun. The second bike I've gotten to test ride, just as I was selling my first. I've found where my heart is - and while the road might be good for training, the trails are calling. And I've got the right bike for whatever is thrown at me. A bike that climbs any trail I can physically handle, then fly down the other side. 


  1. Just pulled the trigger on my new Stumpy! Mountain>Road

    1. Heard you went big S with your Stumpy! You looking forward to riding that fast and fun machine?


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