Snow Dust Trail

Clouds over the mountains behind Como

At the Gold Dust trailhead - looks like a great day for a ride!
After Nick finished rocking the backyard, it was time to escape the city for the weekend. We loaded up the stumpjumpers and headed west. No plans, no agenda. Just time to search for some fresh trails to ride. We were hoping to hit Kenosha and Georgia passes and do some leaf peeping on the ride. But the first stop was Como to ride the lower section of Gold Dust. As we drove up 285, we could see the blowing snow and clouds descending down the mountains. Guess we were gonna keep the ride really low and try to stay out of the wind! But despite the cold temperatures and occasional flakes, we were still gonna ride. It just meant we would bundle up a little more. There's no bad weather, just bad clothes!
End of Gold Dust - before the snow hit.
Start of our section of Gold Dust - yep, it's a little like winter out here!
As we headed north on Boreas Pass Road, the snow level plunged and the wind picked up. I tucked in behind Nick and we rode nice and easy, trying to stay  dry and warm. It was hard with the winds howling past, stealing every bit of heat and chilling exposed skin. I was very happy I had my hooded jacket and pulled the hood over my helmet. Nice and cozy. Snow covered the road, lending a wintery air to the crisp fall colors. The road took us longer then we had anticipated, but it wasn't worth fighting the wind to ride hard. It was supposed to be an easy day after all! 

Between winter and fall - snow on the aspen leaves
Finally, we reached where Gold Dust Trail crossed the road. We were both looking forward to ripping down the single track, protected from the wind by the changing aspens and tall pines. There was a dusting to an inch of fresh snow covering the trail. No one else was out and we had fresh tracks on the snow and fallen aspen leaves. And it was fun - at least until we hit the first downed tree. Seemed there had been a wind storm recently and trees littered the trail. Everything from tiny aspens to huge pines blocked the way. Some we were able to go around, but others we had to crawl over, dragging bikes with us. Oh well. What we were able to ride was fun. It did get tiring, having to stop every few minutes because of the trees. 
This is more like winter then fall!
We managed to beat the major part of the storm and got back to the van just as it was getting really nasty. Our plan of riding Kenosha and Georgia looked doubtful, but Nick decided to drive up anyway. We cruised up the road to Jefferson Campground, debated setting up shop, then headed to the lake. And it was nasty. I had no desire to try to ride in the kind if weather they next day. So on to plan B.

Jefferson Lake - I'm not camping here!


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