Playing with numbers

Time for some geeking out about numbers. Thanks to Nick, I've had a power meter on my Fate for 10 months. I've been riding that bike consistantly for workouts, gathering data and numbers. I haven't been the best about learning what it all means - still trying and working on that part. It's also harder to monitor power on the mountain bike since a lot of that is terrain dictated. If I don't spike the effort, I'm not getting through the rock garden, no matter how easy the ride is supposed to be. But that's besides the point. The real fun - and benefit of the power meter is the ability to compare workouts, analyze the numbers and see quantifiable proof of improvement. I can take my fate to the same trail, or the same stretch road and do the same workout as a few months ago. Instead of going "well, that was hard. I must be getting stronger." I can download the workout files and compare side to side. Did I really work harder or was it something else? I'm also able to take into account all the differnt variables - weather, other workouts, general fatigue thru comments. But it's the numbers that matter - all the numbers. And right now, I like what I see. It sometimes needs a little interpretation for me, but looking at the big picture I'm happy. Same workouts as before and I'm willing to dig deeper and push to the edge. Longer sets with additional work and I'm handling it well while putting up some good numbers. Add in the improved bike handling and technical skill and I'm very excited. More rides on the big bike, more consistent workouts with power, and more fun. It's all coming together and I'm looking forward to really testing my limits next year. 


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