Brown's Creek Waterfalls

After a sluggish ride Saturday, it was time to rethink our plans for Sunday. We both wanted to ride, but I knew I wasn't up for a long day on the bike. So we did some driving, checking some things out and then settled on a short loop in the same area we'd ridden on Saturday. On the map it was the Wagon Loop Trail, Colorado Trail and Brown's Creek Trails. A very short loop, but with some steady climbing. It also happened to be a very heavily horsed trail - the sand and divots were very difficult to ride in. The climb wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been as loose and sandy as it was. But it was good practice for me to keep my weight low and for the even power needed to get up the rocky and sandy steep climbs. Once on the CT, it was a little easier - I was more comfortable with the trail and knew where to look for the tricky parts. We reached one of the trail junctions, where the Brown's Creek trail joined the CT for a while. The sign said Brown's Creek Falls - 1.5 miles. Nick asked if I wanted to check them out. Of course! Always up for a side trip to see waterfalls!
Another perfect day for a ride!
That was one of the best parts of the ride - a really fun trail, three water crossing and a much larger waterfall then I was expecting. The water crossings were a little sketchy - the first one was just four logs nailed together. I waited for Nick to cross, then carefully wheeled my bike across the deep creek. The second creek crossing was deceiving. The trail seemed to go straight through, with no bridge. Nick evaluated the creek and plowed right through - soaking his feet in the process. I hesitated. My bike is so much smaller, I knew I wouldn't have a chance to get through with dry feet. And then I saw the bridge. Hidden around the bend, with a faint path leading to it. Ah Ha! Nick took the horse path, I opted for the hiker route. And my feet stayed dry. The third creek crossing was the worst - the bridge had fallen in and it took us a few minutes to carefully pick our route over the remaining logs. Then finally, we were at the waterfalls. And like I said, much bigger then I had anticipated. Usually the falls are tiny little trickles - not this time. It was definitely worth the ride up to see.
Nick on the third creek crossing - picking his way across the logs

Brown's Creek falls - well worth the ride to!
Nick playing photographer as I take his picture

Then time to retrace our steps and tire tracks back across the creek and to the Colorado Trail. It was a fun little descent - some rocky sections, some fast sweeping trail through the aspens, and of course the sand box from the horses. Back on the CT for a short little bit, then the left turn to finish the loop. The map said "Very Rocky!!" and it was. Very Rocky - like riding through a creek bottom without the creek! I was bouncing around all over the place and so happy to be on my Stumpjumper instead of the Era. I was using all of my suspension and the rocks weren't all that big either! It was the best ride for the day - a nice short little loop that we both wanted to do - but would never want to just ride that at any other time.
Ending with a nice fall photo...


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