Time for an adventure

Last year it was 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest for our adventure race. This year? A race I've wanted to do since it started - 25 Hours of Frog Hollow. I'm not sure why, but even before I really got into mountain biking it just sounded like fun. And silly - timing a race over Daylight Saving so we have to ride the 2:00 am lap over again. I didn't know how they did it, but it just sounded cool. Never worked out for us to get there. At first it was because of Silverman - not too smart to do a 25 hour race before an iron distance triathlon! Then it was the travel that was the limiter. The Turtle wouldn't make it over the mountains on a good day, let alone in winter. So the race stayed on the radar and the wish list. Finally - this year we decided it was time. With the van being a little faster and more mobile then the Turtle, we could actually make it. So off to Hurricane, UT!

This should be a super fun trip and an awesome race. New trails I've heard so much about, a great atmosphere at the race and getting the hang out with the 24 hour crowd. That's the best part - seeing the Back of the Pack gang, swapping stories with fellow crazies before and after the race. This trip we have everything organized and figured out with the van. Enchanted Forest and Sage were still learning curve races after the untimely death of the Turtle, but I think we are good now. There's still a few things to learn to make van tripping easy and fast, but we're doing good. Nick and I are going to take this event as seriously as the others, but also with one eye on the potential fun after the race. After all, it's not just about the finish line and the winners circle - it's about the fun of getting to the finish line and returning home. If we end up on the podium, even better. But how can we waste a trip thru Fruita and Moab? Not gonna happen. So adventures are the plan and we're gonna make the most of the chance. Who knows what's gonna happen along the way? Not me! But I'm looking forward to it...


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