Shoulder update

It's been nearly two months since I crashed in Ute Valley and injured my right shoulder. It's not fully healed - I can tell that some movements aren't 100% yet, but things are getting better. I have full range of motion in my shoulder and improved functional strength. I'm able to sleep in my right side again without waking up in agony. Getting dressed isn't a battle and I haven't had to tape my shoulder in a few weeks. I still get some soreness and increased stiffness after particularly long or hard rides, it's even worse if I'm riding my Fate and really have to use my upper body to throw the bike around. But I truly cannot complain at all - I'm still able to ride and do what I love. I've also been slowly increasing my swimming frequency - twice a week again. But not long swims - just 1000 yards at a time. It's a good thing I'm not doing any triathlons this year! Nick and I also have gotten back in the bouldering gym on a regular basis. Still doing the v1 and v2 routes, but starting to play around on the longer routes and the v3 problems. So hopefully everything will be back to normal by June. I just need to keep the rubber side down and avoid the soil sampling...


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