Frozen off the trails

I had a great time playing in the snow last weekend. It was a recovery week and I could do whatever I wanted. No stress, no need to worry about training. But now I realize why I hate snow! It's great when it's falling and the next day, but as the temperature rise, the snow starts melting during the day and refreezing at night. A combination that makes the roads and trails slushy and muddy during the day and dangerously icy at night. Ugh. And I will admit to being a complete wimp when it comes to those conditions. I hate riding in the mud - both because of the trail damage and the mess it makes of my bike! Snow is fun, right after it falls. Now? Crusty, hard and icy and just not a great day on the bike. Add in the layers of hidden ice and it becomes just plain dangerous. I want to be riding my bike, not nursing injuries!

Finding some mud and ice free single track isn't going to be easy this next month I think. I might have to become a roadie for a while to get my training in! The roads are clear and Saturday Morning Worlds are calling my name. Let's see how many times I can get dropped this year!


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