Colossal Cave, Tucson

 Our one tourist activity in Tucson this year. We decided to go explore the Colossal Cave Mountain Park on the east side of Tucson after we rode on Tuesday. We were bored of sitting around and Nick wanted to see how well the Turtle was running after replacing the fan clutch (Great for a while, then....) Nick had a few reasons - one, we were looking for another kinda off the grid camping spot. And we found some - really cool. We were hoping to be able to hang out there for a while after the race, but that didn't happen. Nick also wanted to see where the AZT went - and we also had success on that front. The AZT goes right through the park and looked like a lot of fun in that area. Again, mostly pictures on this one!

Sundial in the ranch area - it worked great. Nick is standing on the line for February and his shadow is hitting the current time.

Random windmill shot - just thought it looked cool

The view from the cave parking lot. Yes, that is a castle on the far ridge!

Nice, old fashioned map of the park. 

Overexposed Nick inside the cave. It was a cool tour, with some good history of the area.


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