Rocky Mountain Spring...

The first full weekend of Spring. A full slate of fun rides and such just waiting for some sunny weather,- a group ride I kept skipping, a long... But I was watching the forecast the entire week and was mentally preparing. If the weather man was right, I wouldn't want to be riding outside! And sure enough, the snow was blowing, the wind howling and it was cold enough to freeze a yeti when I woke up Saturday. Time to stare at some bricks at CTS! I'd talked to Coach Adam earlier in the week, so had my bad weather workout ready to go. I just needed to get my mind around riding inside for three hours.... And with it being at the end of a training block, I was secretly hoping my legs would rebel and I would have an excuse to stop riding sooner.

No such luck. I got there early to claim a spot and set up the course on the computrainer. Since my workout was a little crazy with lots of things to think about, I needed something simple - and something that I would be able to get the power numbers I needed. Got settled for the long haul - water bottles, some food and my music and my cheat sheet. Yeah, I needed a cheat sheet for this workout! After Cam turned the radio on at CTS, I ditched my headphones - that music was enough. Time to go internal and focus myself on what I was supposed to do. Ride hard, ride smart and get it done. On the first set of intervals, I could feel the fatigue in my legs. But the numbers were good, so I kept going. Each separate block of intervals, I was prepared to bounce off that wall. I never did. I kept hitting my numbers and kept cranking out the workout. There were plenty of other people riding, but it was just me, my bike and the workout. Mental training for those longer races. I did manage to get my full three hours done - inside. Not sure how I managed, since the easy hour recovery rides inside just kill me mentally! And the workout ending wall was just around the corner - I hit it pretty hard when I home. The couch was calling my name and I didn't resist...

With continued wind and cold on Sunday, I had no desire to go running. I was tired, cranky and wanted to go back to sleep the minute I woke up! So Nick and I decided to drive up Old Stage and go snowshoeing. Still a good workout, but protected from the wind. And a lot more fun then a boring road run on iced over roads. Nick's idea of snow showing is not the groomed ski resort trails. It's make your own fun, through trees, the deepest snow he can find and generally exploring. It's a blast because we get to see some things we'd never see if we stayed on the trail. And with the snow, there's really no worry about getting lost! Just follow our tracks back to the car! It was perfect way to wind down the week and start my recovery right.
Nick breaking trail ahead of me

Enjoying the view and the solitude...

Trying to decide the best way up the slopes

Coming down - steeper then it looks!


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