A week of wildlife

This post is a little late - got distracted with other events.
It's not uncommon to see all kinds of critters while out training. Usually it is nothing more interesting then a coyote or fox but this was a busy week. On the 11th I watched a coyote stalking some leashed ankle biters. I am not sure the owner noticed how intently her dogs were being followed. During my morning run on the 13th there was quite the herd of bucks in Bear Creek. I noticed that two of them were fighting - National Geographic style. And they were getting into it - aantlers locked, the whole bit. All for the affection of the does on the other side of the trail... I did not head back that way when I finished the run. Then after work I took the single speed to Lake Pueblo. Near the end of the ride, after cruising Outer Limits, I was finishing my ride by coming down Waterfall. With a loud scream a bundle of feathers exploded from the rocks in front of me. In the fading evening light I had flushed a large golden eagle from its perch in the canyon. Still screaming the eagle flew away into the sunset. A little shaken, I finished the ride, watching the eagle soaring.

And finally - the most interesting critter sighting. On Friday the 14th I went out for an easy run after swimming in the morning. About 2 miles into the run I pass some apartment buildings off Cheyenne Blvd. Happen to notice a lady out back smoking. Not unusual at that complex, I see people out all the time. I return my attention to the road and see the bear crossing the road I was running on. A nice big black bear out looking for breakfast. He meandered thru the bushes and around the garages behind the apartments. I kept running. I knew what was coming. Sure enough the bear ambled past the smoker and I heard the screams. She must have gotten quite the shock. And the bear must have had his breakfast. A little bit later on my run, I saw the tipped over garbage cans and still steaming bear scat!

A good reminder to stay alert on my workouts. For every animal I see who knows how many watch me. That cute deer could really cause some damage if cornered and I don't want to think about a pissed off bear.Its still cool and keeps me on the lookout for other critter encounters.


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