A cold and windy Hartman Rocks

Our last adventure of the trip was at Hartman Rocks in Gunnison. It was sunny out, but a stiff wind made it very chilly. There was some snow on the north facing slopes, but the trails were in good shape. We started out easy this time, riding the first half of the 24 Hours in the Sage course. Then time for some differnet trails. The meandering climb up and down Josies, with a few rock gardens thrown in for fun. The steady climbs of Buddy Bear and then meadering Dirty Sock. I could tell I was getting really tired from the weeks adventures - I wasn't even coming close to keeping up with Nick on steady climbs. Despite the fatigue, I was able to ride a few things that the last time we'd been out there for fun I'd tried a few times, then given up on. So that was a little victory. Onto the road for a while, then up Broken Shovel to Skyline. I popped on Skyline, and proceeded to continue along my slow, steady tempo while Nick climbed away. We reached the junction of Broken Shovel and Josh-os and I was ready to be done. Nick wanted a few more miles, so we took Josh-O's down the valley. And there was quite a bit of snow on that trail. Nothing that we couldn't ride through, but more then anywhere else we'd ridden. Rattlesnake was the only trail that was sketcy - wet tires, rocks, snow and mud do not make a fun combo. All in all, a good close out to the trip!


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