Fruita explorations

This was a planned escape from Colorado Springs with no agenda except ride a lot, ride some new trails and run in some different places. Day one of the trip was spent in Fruita, where we got two rides in on two different single track systems. Awesome fun and a good day of riding! And hint of the fun that was awaiting us in Moab.

In the morning, we bundled up and headed north on 18 Road to the North Fruita Desert trail systems. The sun was out, but it was still chilly with the dew frozen on the roads and grasses. We were both pretty warmly dressed, and only a few layers would come off as the sun grew warmer. The trails there were fast and smooth, meandering through wheel high grass. I was waiting for the antelope to come jumping out of the grass! We also found some fun technical trails with steep, challenging climbs and well built switchbacks into and out of the gullies and canyons. The best trail that we rode (and we didn't come close to riding all of them) was Kessler's Run. It had a good flow, both up and down with banked, bermed turns and plenty of rock obstacles. We had to call it a day earlier then we wanted - there were other trails to explore. I also wanted to get in a short run after that first ride. The dirt road leading back south towards Fruita was the perfect stretch of dirt for that run.

We headed back to the hotel, cleaned up and refilled camelbacks and loaded up the Osprey 22s for the trek to Lunch Loops in Grand Junction. Nick and I had both heard really cool things about the trails in the Lunch Loops area and were looking forward to another few hours on the bike. We studied the map, picked some trails to form what looked like a good loop and headed out. And up - right away, we were climbing. And it was a technical, rocky single track climb along a ridge line. Definitely a keep your eyes on the trail and not on the consequences type of trail! I did my fair share of walking, but did my best with following Nick through the really cool single track. Things were going good, but about 90 minutes into the ride, I blew a rocky stepdown section. Nick told me to stay left, I did my best, but there was a big rock on the other side of the trail. I think I was looking at the rock, didn't get my weight back enough and hit the front brakes. Supergirl, I am not! A rather inelegant landing ended with my bike on top of me. No injuries, but I hit my leg on something hard - a deep bruise quickly developed. But the bruise was so deep, I couldn't even see it. We finished the ride and headed back to Fruita. Lunch Loops 1 - Tracy 0! But we will return - I don't think we even hit a third of the park!


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