Meet Sasha and George

Meet Sasha and George!
 We adopted two kittens before we left for Moab - Sasha and George. We had originally planned on waiting until after the trip, but... We were going to Walmart to get some things and there was a lady standing on the corner with a big sign "Kittens." Nick asked me if I wanted to look, knowing that I still really missed Isis, but also wanted to start looking for the new family members. I said yes, so after we finished in Walmart, we walked over. She had four kittens left, a light grey female with faint strips and three longer haired black kittens. I immediately fell for the grey girl and pulled her out of the cage to play with her a little. And right behind her came bouncing out the little runt of the group. And little was right - about half the size of the grey one! We were planning on getting two kittens, so they would have each other to play with and so DumDum wouldn't be as mean. (We didn't know how he would react at all.) Well, Nick was playing with the little runt, and I had the grey girl and we were talking it over. Nick wanted to wait, but they were so cute and I really felt strongly about the grey kitten. He was also really taken by the personality of the little one. She was tiny, but didn't act like it at all! Then another family came over - they wanted a kitten and they wanted a girl. Well, we had the two girls in the group. With them eyeballing both our kittens, the deal was done - we would take them home. I didn't want to think about it and come back to find both kittens gone. It was kinda crazy - we had the camper with us and nothing for kittens at home. So off to Petsmart for kitten food and litter tray! We wanted to keep them seperate from DumDum until after their first vet visit, so we set up the bathroom all nice and cozy for the kittens. The grey one is named Sasha and Nick named the little runt George. Sasha is a little shy, but loves her mice and lap time when she's tired. George is the boisterous, curious one - a little monster at times! At the first vet check up, Sasha was 2.2 pounds, but is up to 2.8. George tipped the scale at a whooping .9 pounds, but now is a big girl at 1.85 pounds. She acts like a big cat - and sounds like a thundering herd when running into the kitchen for dinner! DumDum still hasn't figured out what to do with them - And I think he's scared of George! 
Sasha helping me pack for the Moab trip - I think she wanted to come with us!

George helping me pack - Gu packets make great cat toys!

I know there's something cool in those shoes.... Sasha searching for a mouse

George helping Nick study the map of Fruita

Sasha waiting for dinner

The vet said to keep an eye on her weight and make sure she's growing... Up to 1.144 pounds in this photo.


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