More Isis Memories

Isis was such a character. She had a huge personality and was the boss of the house. Kept DumDum in line and always made sure we didn' forget to feed her. Over ten and a half years of provides plenty of memories and I want to share a few of the best ones.

*The day I brought her home, I had her locked in my bathroom to keep her away from Mom's other cat. And she kept whining and crying till I eventually opened the door to the bathroom. I shut my bed room door first so she couldn't get into the rest of the house. But she didn't want to go far. Just to my bed where she curled up and started purring.

*A march day in Denver coming home from PT class. Isis met me at the door of the apartment with plaintive mew. She kept pacing between the kitchen and the door. I found out why A line of ants was marching from a tiny hole in the floor across the entrance to the kitchen and straight to her food bowl. The entire bowl was writhing like the food had come alive. Not a good thing for a cat with food separation issues!

*After graduation from PT school I moved back in with my mother (time to study from boards and play running bum). I had just come back from a run and was outside stretching when Nick rolled by. We didn't know each other yet. He'd been working on his bike and was test riding it. We talked for a while with Isis meowing through the window. When I told her to be quiet, Nick asked me if she was named after the bb brand. Huh? Nope the Egyptian goddess!

Isis staring at Nick in the wig...
*While getting ready for a Halloween party Nick decided to test his costume on the cats. With a huge scruffy wig and ratty false teeth, he didn't look much like himself. DumDum ran in terror - he wasn't having anything of that. Isis stood her ground. Her tail puffed out about three times normal, but she was tough - she was gonna defend her turf!

*Her favorite place to lay was right on my stomach or on Nick's chest or leg. She would hop up, meow a few times and just plop down sprawling out. Chin down staring at you and legs hanging over the side. Nick would give her a gentle beating and she purr even louder dig in for more and let out a little purr meow combo when you stopped. She must have loved them; she never ran away.

*Any of the parties we had. Isis would be question around, looking for unattended plates. I caught her tasting everything, from yogurt to soup, stealing string cheese and any kind of meat she could find. I'd say her name in a scolding tone. She'd dash off around the corner, wait a few minutes, then come right back.

17 pounds of Isis on the box spring, looking proud.
*When Nick and I got a bed frame, we got rid of the box spring under the mattress. We weren't sure that we'd like the frame, so we put the box spring in the office. One day, I heard a strange noise from the office. Isis was sitting on top of the box spring, looking super proud. This was when she weighed 17 pounds, so I have no clue how she got up there.

*After moving into the new house, we finally had stairs. A new game quickly developed - Nick would bring her downstairs at night. I would fill her food bowl up. The drag race up the stairs was the fastest I've seen her move. We made it part of the weight loss program and it was working really well.

*Isis always knew when I needed some attention. After my eye surgery, when I was home alone and not able to do anything, I got plenty of snuggle time. She was super attentive to what I was doing then and spent most of the day sitting next to me or on my lap. That's when we started our "afternoon naps" where I got to play cat and snooze on my day off with my cat.

Isis on Nick's leg, yelling for more beatings.
*Finally, the 17th of October - I was trying to finish my race report from the 24 Hours of Colorado Springs. Isis tried jumping up onto the couch where I was sitting, but couldn't quite make it. I lifted her up and she settled on my lap - sprawled out on my legs with a soft purr. I put a pillow over her, set my computer on my pillow and kept typing. She kept purring, a happy and comfortable cat.

And as I'm writing this, the two new family members are getting settled. I miss Isis - have called Sasha Isis as few times and George Chubby once or twice (she has a big belly after eating!) But they are two little sweethearts and such goofballs. Still getting to know them, but Sasha is the lively, feisty one and George seems to be a snuggler. Although that might all change when George gets some weight on her little frame!


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