Travel Tales - Vegas to Waco

And once again, I did the trip a little differently then the rest of the tribe. There were a few driving across from Vegas to Waco and most of them went I-40 thru AZ and NM. Well, my sister lives in Phoenix and I figured that would be a good time to swing by and say hello. So I got to experience a completely different drive then my first leg of the trip, which lead to some different observations.

*A bill board advertising the "best health care for 100 miles" might be good copy in COS or Las Vegas. Not so much in Kingman, AZ...

 *Yes, I have three trays for bikes on my car. Yes, I have two bikes in my car. Um, have you seen the wind recently? Amazing the looks you get from snowbirds with cheap bikes...

*US 93 in AZ, the connector between I-40 and Phoenix, is a test of chicken... Two lane road, lots of cars, lots of RVs and trucks and just a few passing zones...

*A scenic forest in AZ is very different then a scenic forest in any other state. I'm not sure I'd want to have a picnic under a Joshua tree!
*Why would there be a monster blimp floating over the mountains south of Wilcox, AZ? Searching for aliens?

*The continental divide is more impressive in Colorado - but more hyped in New Mexico - huge billboard and tourist traps!

*After driving for hours in the quiet of the interstate thru Arizona and New Mexico, hitting El Paso was quite the shock. All of a sudden, there was traffic - and lots of it!

*I guess gas prices are really bad when the Prius has to draft behind the trucks to improve gas efficiency!

*Seeing that speed limit sign, knowing that I still had 500 miles to drive was a pleasant surprise. Too bad the wind was so strong that my gas mileage was really bad.

*A sign advertising "Imported textiles" at a tourist trap off of I-10... Um, it's not that hard to import textiles from Mexico when the border is less then 50 miles away.

*It's not a good sign when all the traffic takes the other interstate - I was a little concerned when the trucks all took I-20. Then I drove through some of the fires and I understood why. Intermittent closures of I-10 due to the wild fires.


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