Happy in Henderson

That was a long drive this year! But I made pretty good time and rolled into Henderson about 2:00 on Thursday. Picked up my packet and decided to run instead of riding because of the wind. I did not want to deal with the 30mph sustained winds on the open trails out at Lake Las Vegas. Even the run course was pretty challenging with the winds.I didn't get to do the whole course as it wasn't completely marked yet and some of the makings had blown over. But getting out of the car and doing something was good. I liked the start of the new run course - instead of going straight up into the lunar landscape behind the resort area, it meanders in some of the washes to the west of the Lake.

The new transition area is good - same transition that we used in Silverman last year. Nice and open, with plenty of room for everyone. And we get to ride our bikes up the "fourth" sister to get out of transition this time! The swim will be a deep water start - with an open line. I was very relieved to see the change - I was not looking forward to the narrow channel at the prior start. I'll still have to be careful with the start - I can't risk getting kicked in the face right now. There will be more blacktop to get to the bike course, but everything has tradeoffs. An open swim start and cool new run course in exchange for a little more blacktop? I'll take it.

I am a little nervous about the race. I know I haven't really lost anything from my time on the couch, but the thought is still there. I've done a few harder rides, and was pretty close to my fastest time up Buckhorn last weekend while still trying to keep the effort level moderate. I just don't feel like I have any spunk right now. But I am here, and I'm able to race. Regardless of what happens, I will be thankful that I'm able to get out, get dirty and have fun.


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