Three weeks and playing in the dirt!

Crazy busy already! And to think I was complaining about being bored and searching for usefull things to do for the last two weeks, to the point of making Nick empty out his office do I could paint! This week, I was cleared to go back to work, start working out with a little more intensity and time now seems to be a fleeting commodity. I really do need to work on my time management skills again so I can get everything done. It was a little stressful the first few days, but I was happy to get out of the house and start acting normal again.

Swim - Finally got back in the water on Wednesday, three weeks after my last swim. It was a good thing that I had no intention to finish the workout - just getting in the water was good enough. The warm up and drills were enough. I did get a little further then I thought I would - it was pretty slow though. The vasa did help with my strength and maintain my endurance, but did nothing to help with the feel of the water. Today was much better then the first swim - made a least part of the workout on the normal interval, with room to spare. I have a week to get my stroke and feel back!

Bike - Tuesday was my first mountain bike ride. Nick and I stayed on the easy trails - meandered through Stratton, then dropped Columbine. Didn't feel that great down Columbine - it was a little looser then I like, but I still made all the switchbacks. Followed that up with a good ride on Thursday with a few harder efforts and a lot smoother on the technical stuff. Today was longer and easy at CMSP - we took my mother there for some practice. But I still got some work on the technical sections and felt really good. A little tentative in the rock gardens - was afraid of wiping out. I don't think that I've lost that much on the bike.

Run - Started running and again it felt really good. I'm lucky that I've got a pretty smooth stride. It wasn't really a run, but it was a start. Walked and jogged, a nice steady shuffle. Thursday another run, this time ran the whole thing. Felt slow, but my time was not shabby. Not great either, but as good as I could expect for sitting on the couch for a few weeks. I don't think the run will be too bad, I've got plenty of endurance and speed from the years of marathoning. It will be interesting to see what happens in a week. I still need to behave and monitor exertion levels - now is not the time to go crazy.


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