Travel Tales - COS to Vegas

Yes, I am still working on my race reports from the last two weeks. But until I get them finished, my traditional observations from the driver's seat. There's a few - this was a long trip and I put over 3500 miles on my car with the triangle between home, Vegas and Waco! The trip started in Colorado Springs, and unlike most of the COS racers, I headed south through New Mexico instead of dealing with the snow in the mountains.

*US 160 has some issues while going east - that road is first part of I-25 S, then part of CO 239 N! Are we going south or north?

*Snowbirds have migratory patterns like their feathered counterparts. There were more fancy RVs heading north then cars at times.

*Raton Pass - the wildlife crossing sign on the north side of the pass is "Bear Crossing." On the south side, it's "Elk Crossing." I guess the bears don't cross the NM state line like the elk do.

*Kodak Film? Just how old is that bill board along I-40 anyway?

*Wal Mart - the place to camp in Gallup, and everywhere else along the road...

* If I stopped at all the places that advertised themselves as "worth stopping at!" I really wouldn't get very far.

*The Route 66 souvenirs are all the same, no matter what town! And there were plenty of tourists snapping up the "priceless memories of American History."

Next installment - Vegas to Waco!


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